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20 big Flowrox valves performing well in flow control duty

Release date 10/19/2011

Flowrox pinch valves PV 500 E01 have operated successfully controlling flow in Polish waste water plant since the installation. Twenty (20) electrically actuated valves were delivered to Poland through Danish engineering company Krüger A/S and Flowrox representative Scanrox A/S.

Krüger A/S is building one of Europe’s biggest waste water treatment plants Czajka in Warsaw, Poland. The capacity of the plant equals to the waste water of 2 million people. The plant area is the size of 74 football fields, being about 1,2 km wide and 800 m long. At the moment a third of the plant is running, and on the remaining two thirds the final installations are under construction.

After the six (6) pre-settling tanks there are ten (10) aeration pools. The main biological process takes place in these seven (7) meter deep pools that have a volume of 37225 m3 each. Electrically driven mixers rotate slowly (2 rps) in the pools handling the medium as gently as possible but keeping the waste moving all the time. After the pools the water is pumped to the secondary settling tanks. From the surface of the settling tanks the clean water is lead to a river. From the bottom of the settling tank a constant flow of biological sludge is flowing out by gravity to collection chambers through DN700 stainless pipes. Just before the chambers the pipes are coned down to DN500 to fit the valves. The PV 500 EO1 valves are controlling the sludge flow. From the collection chambers the medium is pumped gently back to the starting point of the process as the mass contains the cleaning bacteria. The flow is as slow as possible so that the medium is not mixed or treated violently in any other way. 

The end customer as well as the engineering company have been very satisfied with the operation of Flowrox valves.

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