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Flowrox Pinch Valves for Scrubber Slurry

Release date 12/05/2011

Early in 2000, a major coal-fired power company needed to comply with EPA emission standards and the Clean Air Act if it wanted to continue to burn coal to produce power. This power company signed a contract with a leading turnkey contractor to construct wet scrubber systems for their stations.

Less than one year after start-up of the scrubber, the first plant to install this wet scrubber system began experiencing equipment problems especially with the slurry valves on the 40% solid scrubber slurry.

Knife gate valves, installed for isolation, were not closing tight; ceramic ball valves were breaking off shafts and balls; and, inexpensive ball valves, used for flushing water, never worked.

This plant saw the benefits of the Flowrox High Performance Slurry Pinch Valves. However, the valves designed into the scrubber system were still under warrantee and the engineering firm promised to work and correct the issues.

With the installation of quality knife gates and pinch valves, it was believed that the scrubber unit had solved their valve problems. However, these knife gates continued to leak and not shut off tight. The pinch valves being used were seeing failed sleeves on a too frequent basis.

Flowrox in the Process:

After numerous attempts to find slurry valves to hold up to the 40% solids scrubber waste, this plant installed a Flowrox PVE 4AB150-603LSX-SBRT and purchased another valve as a backup.

The Flowrox valve was chosen to replace knife gates and another pinch valve due to its numerous benefits such as

  • 100% tight shutoff
  • Ability to handle fluctuations in solids contents
  • No stem packing and no stem leaks
  • Reliability
  • Easy of maintenance

The use of the Flowrox High Performance Slurry Pinch Valve has increased the overall efficiency of the wet scrubber process.

Based upon the success of Flowrox valves, other stations in this organization have started to install Flowrox valves as well; the count is now 16 valves at two power plants.

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