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Flowrox to Participate at the Phosphates 2015

Release date 03/11/2015

Currently in its 8th edition, the Phosphates International Conference presents a global point of convergence for networking and trading in the fertilizer, industrial and feed phosphate industries; all of great interest to Flowrox, given their use of slurry pipelines to process phosphate salts.

Flowrox has extensive knowledge of the dynamics and challenges of processing slurry such as phosphates, which often produce scaling due to the process of moving powders and coarse substances through pipelines. Understanding slurry dynamics was instrumental in Flowrox’s development of its Scaling Watch and SKW a heavy duty Slurry Knife Gate Valve, a pair of products designed to help phosphate processing operators monitor and control the flow of phosphate slurries.

The Flowrox Scaling Watch is actively used in industries such as Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Metallurgy and Minerals mining to proactively detect buildup that can lead to scaling that reduces the flow of materials.Complementing the Scaling Watch is the SKW, designed to control the flow of fluids—an industrial need in high demand by the mining industry given the coarse nature of its slurry and the potential for clogging or jamming.

Anthony Clark, Flowrox Inc. Vice President of Sales, will be delivering a presentation during the event— scheduled for 3:15 p.m. on March 23rd –focused on the Flowrox Scaling Watch and the use of a tomographic instrumentation to monitor scaling in phosphate production and processing.

The aforementioned sensor allows producers to utilize a non-intrusive instrument to accurate display real-time scale growth; thus providing the user with useful data to help them minimize anti-scaling chemicals, validate the effectiveness of anti-scaling chemicals and minimize lost production, equipment failures, and costly maintenance caused by scaling. “Any decrease in fluid movement is often tied to a loss of revenue in an industry that depends on optimal pipeline performance,” says Todd Loudin, President of Flowrox Inc. “Our products have been engineered to keep our customers’ pipelines operational and profitable.” Flowrox will be showcasing the Scaling Watch and SKW valve as viable solutions to help those in the phosphate industry achieve operational excellence using devices that reduce the effects of transporting minerals.

The 2015 Phosphates International Conference will bring together over 400 delegates from more than 40 countries who represent producers, service providers, technology companies, traders, and executives who seek to network, learn and engage in new business relationships. Attendees can visit Flowrox’s Stand #23 at the exhibition floor, where samples of these and other pipeline and valve products will be on display, with representatives available to answer questions and sales inquiries.

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