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Larox Flowsys Introduces Rotary Disc Valve

Release date 02/25/2011

Larox Flowsys valve product range has been completed with the new Larox Rotary Disc Valves. Like other Larox valves also the rotary disc valve suits for applications that involve abrasive or corrosive slurries, powders or coarse substances. It finds the users in mining and metal industries, mineral processing, power generation, sand and gravel, chemical & pulp and paper industries. The valve is also ideal for water and wastewater treatment. The patented design allows the valve to cycle in heavy scaling slurries without sticking or leaking and with minimum wear. The other remarkable advantage of LRD valve is that it is available with pressure ratings up to 100 bar.


No Blocking or Leakage
The LRD Valve is designed for leak tight shut off slurries and liquids within a pipeline. The valve is designed to be operated only in the fully open or fully closed position. As the actuator is opened or closed, the disc is allowed to rotate. This happens due to the pressure pushing against the disc, causing the disc to touch the valve seat and rotate. As the valve is cycled, the disc rotates a few degrees, seating in a different position each time. The wedge gate support has a cutaway behind the disc clearing debris away and thus, ensuring the disc closes and seals every time. The very nature of the construction allows a maximum of flexibility in customizing to meet specific needs, in terms of materials pressure rating etc. The body and bonnet are made of cast steel and can be made out of different materials to best suit the customer needs. The bonnet houses the rotating disc when open and seals around the spindle. Larox rotary Disc valves are produced with manual, manual gear, pneumatic, hydraulic and electromechanical actuators.

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Inka Tuononen
mobile: +358 (0)50 434 4244


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