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Minerals Processing

Flowrox general line pinch valves in tailings transfer

Reliable solution for pipeline shut-off with cost-effective PVG valves

Boliden Kylylahti had already several years of experience of Flowrox’s shut-off and control pinch valves. As new pipelines were built up for tailings transfer, Flowrox’s one of the newest products, general line Flowrox PVG valves with strong metal body were assembled.

Customer regenerated their plant and the old pumping station between concentration plants were dismantled. New pipelines from concentration plant were built up and after reformation they use inline pumps to raise the pressure and then diverter shut-off valves in each pipeline to control the tailings.

PVG valves were chosen due to their cost-effectiveness but still safe metal-structured body solutions. Mechanics and other workforce have been very satisfied with the PVGs, as the valve sleeve is the only replaceable part and opening tags in the inside sleeve are standard.

Flowrox PVG is a robust pinch valve with simple closing mechanism. It is ideal for processes involving pressure resistance, abrasion, corrosion and aggressive slurries. There are several dimensions available from 50mm to 250mm and is available also with pneumatic and electric actuators.


Key benefits

Low maintenance cost

Inside sleeve is the only replaceable part and opening tags in the inside sleeve are standard.

Strong metal body

General line pinch valve with safe metal-structured body solution

Excellent wear resistance

Only the inside sleeve in contact with the medium.

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