Spare Parts for Hose Pumps

Pump spare parts

LPP-T_hose LPP-D_hose

We manufacture and deliver spare parts to pumps:

  • We are capable of delivering original or compatible components to competitors products.
  • Fast delivery and availability 24/7 for contract customers

  • Various material choices according to end-use applications

  • High quality

  • Service and spare part stocking agreements

  • Training

  • Analyzing and consultation services & technical support

  • Along with spare hoses we provide you also hose change kits, main bearings kits and rotor bearing kits.

Optimal Hoses and Tubes for Each Media

We offer a wide selection of superior elastomers for diverse media and process conditions. The correct mechanical hose design and material selection are essential for optimal hose lifetime.

Hose materials for LPP-T and LPP-D pumps:

NR = Natural rubberEPDM = Ethylene propylene
NBR = Nitrile rubberNBRF = Nitrile rubber fulfilling FDA requirements

To guarantee the best possible mechanical characteristics, the outer layer of the hose is always made of natural rubber.

Hose materials for LPP-M pumps:


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