Spare Parts for Valves

Valve spare parts

Valve Sleeves SpareSleeve

We manufacture and deliver spare parts to all of our valves. 

  • Fast delivery and availability 24/7 for contract customers

  • Various material choices according to end-use applications

  • High quality

  • Service and spare part stocking agreements

  • Training

  • Analyzing and consultation services & technical support

Special sleeve design options include:

     Conical sleeve for control valves

     Suction (vacuum) sleeve for negative pressure applications

     SensoMate sleeve detecting and signalling critical wear

     Polyurethane lined sleeve with improved protection against wear

To cover wide range of applications, several rubber qualities are available:

SBRT = Styrene butadieneEPDM = Ethylene propylene
NR = Natural rubberNBR = Nitrile
CSM = HypalonEPDMB = Green liquor sleeve
CR = ChloropreneIIR = Butyl
NRF = Foodstuff natural rubberNBRF = Foodstuff Nitrile
HNBR = Hydrogenated nitrileFPM = Fluorine rubber

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