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We have ISO9001:2015 Quality and ISO14001:2015 Environment multisite certificates covering Neles Corporation in Finland, and other locations mentioned in the certificates. Click the links below to view the certificate you are interested in.

Note: As of 1st of November 2021, Flowrox brand belongs to Neles Group.

When can multisite certificate be granted?

A multisite certificate is granted to an organization that has developed and deployed globally controlled corporate management system. Harmonized processes must fulfill the requirements to meet the  standards. The certified management system governs not only individual processes, but also how they all interact with one another.

Which benefits are ensured with multisite certificates?

Following ISO standards’ requirements provides Neles with better level organization, reliable processes and efficient supply chain. The outcomes are quality products and services which best serve  our customers.

Certified high-quality products with ISO9001

One of the major focuses of ISO9001 is identifying customer’s needs and delivering the best possible products and services. We operate according to commonly defined processes to achieve company quality objectives and meet internal and external requirements. With a certified management system Neles targets to increase customer satisfaction.

Environmentally conscious processes

Taking care of the environment and natural resources is more and more important. Neles strives to be environmentally conscious by actively reviewing and minimizing environmental impacts of our operations. To prove we systematically work towards preserving the nature, Neles holds the ISO14001 certificate.

ISO9001:2015 certificates:

ISO9001 Neles Corporation, Vantaa, Finland

ISO14001:2015 certificates:

ISO14001 Neles Corporation, Vantaa, Finland

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