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Pinch valves supplied to Namibian uranium mine

Flowrox supplied 83 hydraulically actuated pinch valves of 550mm diameter to the Husab mine, which is the second largest uranium mine in the world. They are operating in a heavy duty tailings sector spread over 23 km area in the desert.

Tailings applications are usually very abrasive environments and Husab being located in the desert adds to the harshness of the environment in which Flowrox valves are operating. Valves were delivered in August as part of the mine’s greenfield tailings operation. The delivery included valves, actuators and spare parts as well as both theoretical and practical competence training’s to the technical staff members, ensuring a high level of plant operation.

Correct maintenance and sleeve replacement can significantly impact on the sleeve lifetime. The pinch valves in use at the mine are operated through a unique actuator solution using two mobile petrol-powered hydraulic power packs, which increase efficiency and the ease of operation in far distances.

As a part of the project Flowrox also supplies all required valve spares to empower Husab staff to perform thorough maintenance and repairs as needed as well as service exchange valves.

Key benefits

High process availability

Full package delivered including all critical aspects to maximize process availability.

Tailored valves to match the process environment

Best fitted solution for harsh desert and long distances.

Reliable valve operation in harsh conditions

Excellent wear resistance as the inside sleeve is the only part in contact with the medium.