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LPP Pumps Performing Well in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility

Nashua New Hampshire is one of many United States cities and municipalities selecting Flowrox technology over inferior pumping technologies.

A waste water facility in Nashua New Hampshire several years ago purchased two LPP-D25 peristaltic dosing hose pumps for control of sodium hypochlorite for disinfection and four LPP-M peristaltic metering tube pumps for pumping of sodium bisulfite and sodium hypochlorite. LPP-M pumps are a highly sophisticated and fully equipped metering tube pumps.

LPP-D pumps were ordered with a special Halar coating for protection against the aggressive sodium hypochlorite in the unlikely occurrence of a hose failure. They were also equipped with hose leak detection to shut the pump down in the event of a hose failure and were with an integral variable speed motor with 4 – 20 mA input for control.

Flowrox pumps offer stable flow and metering capabilities

“Flowrox pumps offer stable flow and metering capabilities under varying operating conditions, and their energy requirement is constant”, says the customer. “They can also handle severe variation in suction line condition in regard to suction lift and viscosity, and they are also very user friendly”, he continues.

Flowrox engineered peristaltic pumps combine smart intelligence with superior turndown. Another remarkable advantage is that peristaltic pumps will not experience vacuum degassing in summer months like other designs.

Flowrox was selected for equipment supplier based on the superior tube pump and control technology of the LPP-M tube pumps. The engineering consultant, the city of Nashua New Hampshire elected officials and contractor all formed a common consensus to order and approve the use of Flowrox pumps. Flowrox won on the technical merits, commercial merits and long-term operational advantages.

These pumps are operating flawlessly without any downtime since March 2008.

Key benefits

User friendly

Less limitations or potential problems than e.g. diaphragm pumps.

No need for check valves

The compression point of the tube acts as self-cleaning check valve without clogging risk providing clear flow path with no possibility for vapour lock.

Stable flow and metering capabilities

Output flow is unaffected by the variation of discharge line pressure.