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Corrosion resistant flow control

Industrial chemical flow control is a big part of chemical production. Usually it involves abrasive mediums, such as titanium dioxide, paints and lime slurry, as well as highly corrosive chemicals. We have delivered over 20 000 valves and pumps to boost process performance at hundreds of chemical production facilities globally.

Common challenges

The mediums chemical producing facilities are often abrasive, corrosive or even both. Selecting in industrial chemical flow control and other process equipment which can survive both corrosiveness and abrasiveness, can be challenging. Abrasive particles and high velocity cause short service intervals and operational issues for conventional flow control equipment. This inevitably leads to unwanted costs and downtime. Finding the most suitable product is even more important when it comes to extremely abrasive mediums, such as titanium dioxide or other similar chemicals containing abrasive particles.

In corrosive environments, chemical producers can resort to high-cost exotic alloys to maintain process conditions at an acceptable level. The total cost of achieving this performance tends to be high. Unexpected downtime and maintenance issues quickly arise.

Flowrox solution

Flowrox flow control solutions are built to last in the harsh process conditions found in various chemical processes. Flowrox industrial valves and pumps are designed to withstand wear caused by abrasive mediums containing particles and powders by effectively limiting it to the elastomer sleeve or hose. In such processes it is a big advantage to have only one wear-resistant part in contact with the medium. The consumption of spare parts, maintenance hours and downtime is therefore heavily reduced.

Flowrox elastomers ensure excellent resistance to ferric chloride, sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid and a huge number of other chemicals and chemical mixtures. For example Flowrox chemical dosing pump and chemical metering pump options include a wide range of different rubber hoses and tubes. A suitable elastomer material can be found for most chemicals.

Possible chemical applications for Flowrox products are:

Reliable Flowrox valves

  • Filtration
  • Flotation
  • Thickening
  • Hydrocyclone separation
  • Tailings
  • Grinding / screening

Heavy duty Flowrox pumps

  • Thickener underflow
  • Heavy duty slurry transfer
  • Tailings transfer
  • Sampling
  • Chemical dosing
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