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Heavy Duty Solutions for Pulp & Paper

Flowrox heavy duty flow control products are ideal for demanding applications such as recausticizing, coating kitchen, or high viscous paste pumping. Flowrox Filter Press fits into wastewater streams applications and in some cases also polishing. Globally, Flowrox has delivered over 4000 products to over 400 pulp and paper plants.

Common challenges

Pulp and paper manufacturing processes include abrasive mediums difficult to handle like starch and lime mud. Green and white liquors also present several challenges like scaling in the pipeline which causes valves to jam. Failure to ensure tight shut off creates a safety hazard and failure to open the valve causes production losses. Therefore, it is critical to ensure reliable operation with heavy duty flow control equipment. On top of withstanding those demanding conditions, the flow control and filtration equipment needs to be safe and reliable.

Flowrox solutions

Flowrox heavy duty flow control, valves and pumps are optimized for harsh process conditions and are extremely wear resistant. Flowrox pinch valves with the elastomer sleeve are self-cleaning and resistant to jamming. As a standard, the rubber sleeve has opening tags to ensure opening. Flowrox progressive cavity pumps have high capacity and are designed for the most demanding paste pumping. They are easy to service on site. Flow control solutions are ideal for recausticizing, coating kitchens and fiber lines.

Flowrox filter press presents fully automatic operation, high quality, superb performance and high availability. The safety features and systems are already integrated. All materials are extremely durable and designed for demanding applications. Flowrox products can be enhanced with Flowrox digital services, which combine any process and IIoT (industrial internet of things).

Flowrox Heavy Duty Valves

  • Control duties
  • Filter feed and isolation
  • Hydrocyclones
  • Pump, tank and pipeline isolation

Reliable Flowrox Pump Technology

  • Paste pumping
  • Chemicals

Flowrox Filter Press (FP)

  • Wastewater streams
  • Polishing*
    *Depends on used classification standards.
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles