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Flowrox centrifugal pumps

Flowrox centrifugal pumps are designed to continuously run in heavy duty conditions. The pump components are wear-resistant and can withstand the most abrasive and corrosive slurries. Flowrox centrifugal pumps are most fit for mining, minerals processing and other industrial applications. Despite tough conditions, the pumps deliver reliable performance.

CF-S centrifugal pump

Flowrox CF-S is a horizontal centrifugal pump designed for the continuous pumping of extremely abrasive and corrosive slurries. Wear-resistant components are made to withstand heavy-duty conditions.

The CF-S pump is ideal for:

  • Grinding mill discharge
  • Hydrocyclone feed
  • Minerals processing
  • Tailings
  • Sugar processing and
  • Other industrial applications.

The pump range handles lower flows 2.3 m3/h through excess of 4 000 m3/h. A single Flowrox CF-S centrifugal pump can reach heads higher than 76 m and has a good ratio between efficiency and wear. The construction of the Flowrox CF-S pump is based on split-case and it includes a range of liner material options for optimal performance.


Flowrox CF-S centrifugal pump is fit for various pumping applications of corrosive and abrasive slurries.

CF-V centrifugal pump

Flowrox CF-V centrifugal pump with vertical cantilever design runs continuously in heavy duty conditions. Wear-resistant components are fit for the most abrasive and corrosive slurries. The CF-V pump is most suitable for mining, minerals processing and other industrial operations, delivering reliable performance in sumps and pits.

The CF-V pump applications:

  • Sump pumping
  • Gravel and sand
  • Minerals processing
  • Chemical processing
  • Effluent handling
  • Air entrained slurries

The pump handles flow rates through 1 135 m3/h. A single Flowrox CF-V pump can reach heads up to 50 m and cantilevered depth to 3.6 m with suctions extension pipe. Wet parts are either elastomer or hi-chrome and designed for ease of maintenance to minimize downtime.


Reliable pumping solutions

Besides centrifugal cavity pumps, we also offer Flowrox peristaltic pumps. Hose pumps for transfer, dosing and metering. Unique rolling effect hose compression and highest quality hoses are specifically designed for demanding processes involving abrasive, corrosive, highly viscous or crystallizing media with high solids content. Flowrox portfolio also includes new smart flow control solutions and comprehensive after-sales services. With more than 40 years of experience in elastomer technology, Flowrox is the benchmark in heavy duty pumps and valves.

Vertical Centrifugal pump CF-V - Flowrox

Flowrox vertical centrifugal pump CF-V is fit for various pumping applications of corrosive and abrasive slurries.


Heavy-duty construction

Wide range of material options

Interchangeable metal and moulded elastomer wear parts

Split case design for ease of maintenance

Reduced shaft deflection, increased packing life

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