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Ceramic Disc Filter

Flowrox Ceramic Disc (CD) Filter™ requires low investment and delivers clear filtrate with dry cake. Compared to conventional vacuum filters, it consumes approximately 90 % less energy. Flowrox CD filter operates continuously with high capacity and is cost-efficient solution for many concentrator and tailings processes.

Applications for Flowrox Ceramic Disc Filters:

Concentrates:  Iron Copper Zinc Gold Phosphates
Tailings:  Iron Copper Molybdenum Phosphorus Quartz sand

Better results with lower investment

   High capacity: filtration capacity of Flowrox Ceramic Disc (CD) Filter can be up to 2000 kg DS/m2 per hour. This equals to 240 tons per hour with a single unit.

•    Continuous operation principle: simplifies automation, operation and improves reliability. Process material flow is even and constant which makes it easier to manage.

   Energy savings: requires significantly less installed vacuum power. Cuts down up to 90 % of energy costs compared to conventional vacuum filters.

   Clearer filtrate and drier cake: filtrate solid content is on average less than 20 mg/litre. Compared to other kinds of filters where it is usually several hundreds of milligrams or even a few grams per litre.

Filter name

Flowrox CD-15

Flowrox CD-30

Flowrox CD-45

Flowrox CD-60

Flowrox CD-120

Other sizes are available upon request.

Filtration area m²







Disc area








High capacity & excellent process results

Low investment costs

Low energy consumption

Reliable operation & high availability

Complete lifetime support by Flowrox filtration experts

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Matti Luoma
Commercial Business Manager, Filters