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Flowrox Smart Expulse Pulsation Dampener

Pulsations can cause distractions, a common issue with several types of positive displacement pumps. Pulsations can result in annoying noise and vibrations in the process pipeline, which can potentially lead to breakages over time.

Fluent processes without distractions

Flowrox offers the ideal solution to this problem: Flowrox Smart Expulse. This innovation will help you to achieve the dream of any plant operator – fluent processes without any distractions.

Simple and intensive

Flowrox Expulse is the simplest and most robust inline pulsation dampener on the market. It quiets the banging noise by settling up to 90% of pressure peaks that can eventually lead to pipeline breakage. Moreover, it saves up to 10% in pumping energy by temporarily storing it to the flexible inner hose and filler gas. The flexible construction eases system maintenance, leading to reduced downtime costs.

Additional Smart features

The new Smart option enables accurate pressure control regardless of process changes. This prolongs system lifetime also in the most challenging conditions. Flowrox SmartCube can simultaneously control up to five Expulses, and their performance can be monitored using the Flowrox Malibu platform.

It is also possible to connect other process parameters and indicate values in Malibu, which is accessible on any device with an Internet browser.

The Flowrox Smart Expulse pulsation dampener can be installed on any pulsating pump from any manufacturer on the market. Its flexible construction makes pump maintenance extremely simple, and it does not collect any sediment or particles. The Smart feature additionally contributes to saving extra energy, making it an excellent solution for a wide range of heavy industries.

Pulsation dampener - Flowrox

Benefits & features

Easy monitoring with Flowrox Malibu platform

Flowrox Smart Cube can simultaneously control up to five Expulses.

Prevents pipeline breakage

Absorbs up to 90% of pulsations & reduces noise.

Easy, independent and reliable

Easy to install on any pulsating pump type from any manufacturer in the market. There are no breaking diaphragms or bladders.

Accurate pressure control

Smart option enables accurate pressure control regardless of process changes.

Saves pumping energy up to 10%

Stores it temporarily to the flexible inner hose and filler gas.

All in one

Flexible pipeline connection and dampener.