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Complete Plate Packs

Flowrox (formerly known as Larox Flowsys) has more than 40 years of experience in filtration, flow control, elastomer technology and technical textiles. With extensive experience from the field and filtration technology developments, Flowrox filtration experts have re-engineered complete plate packs for tower press filters: from small to big, from old to new generation tower presses. Enjoy the benefits of original quality and performance with lower cost, shorter delivery times and professional process support.

High quality Flowrox plate packs for tower press filters

Flowrox complete plate packs for tower press filters come in two sizes: 1,6 m² and 6 m². All included components are high-quality. Design of every part is based on filtration experience and best practice to optimize industrial filtration process as much as possible. Besides new complete plate packs Flowrox also offers modernizations, refurbishments, spare parts and maintenance support. Thereafter: complete service through the entire filter life cycle.

Heart of the Tower Press

Tower press filters are extremely durable machines and can last for tens of years. However, its spare parts do wear off and need to be changed. The most important is the filter’s plate pack, also know as the “heart” of a tower press.

Depending on the process and its conditions, the complete filter plate pack can last up to a decade. To keep the tower press in shape, it is recommended to upgrade the entire plate pack when it wears down to the point when mechanical issues, bending of the plates or similar problems occur.


Replace complete set of filter plates

At that point, it is much more efficient to replace the entire set of filter plates at once, rather than changing one by one. One of the reasons lies in downtime – any maintenance break means the filter needs to be stopped and production is cut off. By replacing old, worn filter plates with new, tower press regains its original shape and is ready to bring many more years of efficient production.

Long-term benefits of replacing the complete plate pack are:

  • Less filter downtime
  • More reliable operation
  • Extended service intervals
  • Less spare parts are needed
  • Lower operating costs

Flowrox tower press filter plate, size 6 m², showing a grid with sealed edge for extended lifetime of filter spare parts.Filter plate packs- Flowrox



Regularly inspect and when needed, replace old, worn tower press filter plates. Flowrox filter service professionals offer complete service for the entire plate pack refurbishment or replacement. 

Proven Flowrox filter plate components

All Flowrox filter spare parts that make a complete plate pack have shown original quality and performance. To help you achieve better results with (more) suitable filter components, Flowrox filter experts offer their advice and on-site visits. Testing of Flowrox filter spare parts is also possible. Contact your closest filtration expert to see how can Flowrox improve various filtration processes.

Filter plate packs - FlowroxFilter plate packs - Flowrox

Do you need assistance with filter maintenance and other issues?

Flowrox experienced filtration professionals can serve all customer needs regarding filter service and filtration. With Flowrox’s new process analysis tool, Smart Filtration, we can further optimize any filtration process.  It enables remote, real-time insight into the filtration process and helps to troubleshoot and significantly optimize production. Smart Filtration utilizes existing control system and sensors and connects any filters to the Flowrox Malibu™ online portal. It detects process abnormalities and automatically sends alarms to your email, assisting to prevent failures before they even occur.

Contact your closest filter service specialist:


Russell Beaumont
Senior Service Manager
Tel: +61 2 9114 9715


Kimmo Kylämies
Product Manager, Filters
Tel: +358 (0)201 113 311

North America

Don Kitchen
Filter Spares Sales & Service Manager
Tel: +1-410-636 2250

Russia & CIS

Sergey Petukhov
Area Sales Manager
Tel: +7 495 726 57 41

Sub-Saharan Africa

Andrew Tait
Service Business Manager
Tel: +27 (0) 10 590 8374

South America

Eduardo Paredes
Regional Sales Director
Tel: +56 2 3224 9704

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NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles