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Flowrox rubber diaphragms for tower press filters combine professional moulding manufacturing and benefits of more than 40 years of experience in elastomer technology and high stressed rubbers​. Each Flowrox diaphragm is fully moulded, made with one pressing, resulting in smooth transitions and high quality.

Improved functionality and extended lifetime

Besides professional moulding, Flowrox diaphragms have been improved based on valuable practical experience from the field and professional elastomer knowledge. The natural rubber (NR) compound is the most optimal for heavy duty filtration processes to endure immense pressures and have a longer lifetime. To make overall better diaphragms, several other improvements have been made. Diaphragm areas against pressing air outlet and feed inlet are now reinforced and therefore more durable. Grooves and pips secure free air outlet, improving diaphragm’s functionality.

Available sizes and materials of Flowrox diaphragms

Choose from diaphragms for 1,6 m² (flat and cupped), 2,5 m² and 6 m² tower press filter plate sizes. Four different rubber compounds are available: IIR, NR, NBR and EPDM. See datasheet for more information.
Click here to see the mechanical properties of NR and NBR. Contact us to check mechanical properties of IIR and EPDM.

Local service, global availability

Flowrox has local stock near to you. Enjoy prompt responses and fast deliveries at all times. Flowrox filter service professionals are spread around the globe. Click here to find your closest Flowrox filtration specialist.

Do you need assistance with filter maintenance and other issues?

Flowrox filtration specialists provide you with professional support to optimize filter operations and extend the lifetime of spare parts. Besides expert on-site visits, Flowrox has an innovative, turnkey solution: Flowrox Smart Filtration Digital Service. It enables remote, real-time insight into the filtration process and helps to troubleshoot and significantly optimize production. Smart Filtration utilizes existing control system and sensors and connects any filters to the Flowrox Malibu™ online portal. It detects process abnormalities and automatically sends alarms to your email, assisting to prevent failures before they even occur.

Diaphragms - Flowrox

Each Flowrox diaphragm is fully moulded, made with one pressing, resulting in smooth transitions and high quality.

Diaphragms - Flowrox

Diaphragm 6 m² tower press filter plate size. Other sizes are available as well. 

Diaphragms - Flowrox

Benefits & features


Longer lifetime

Most optimal natural rubber (NR) compound