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Feed Hoses for Complete Filter Plate Pack

Flowrox hoses are used in tower press filters for slurry feed, filtrate, pressing air and pressing water. They are designed to withstand demanding conditions and can handle aggressive slurries. Feed hose material is chemical resistant, thermal resistant and additionally reinforced to resist vacuum. Even the fittings in ends of hoses are made of acid-proof and corrosion-resistant metal to extend the lifetime. Consult Flowrox to choose the right hose material and appropriate length to most optimally fit each tower press filter plate.

What are feed hoses used for?

Feed hoses are used for multiple purposes in the complete plate pack of the tower press filter. Different expressions are used to describe basically the same hose, depending on what is its task. We can also talk about feed/filtrate hose, pressing air hose and so on. Most commonly used expression is feed hose because that is its main use in solid-liquid separation processes.

Use of feed hoses in different filter plate sizes:

  • Filter plate size 1.6 m² (cupped and flat) – one hose for slurry feed and one hose for filtrate (similar smaller hose available for pressing water)
  • Filter plate size 2.5 m² – two hoses are used for slurry feed and one as pressing water hose (filtrate goes out through two collectors)
  • Filter plate size 6 m² – four hoses are used for slurry feed and one as pressing air hose (filtrate goes out through four collectors)


Feed hoses come in two different standard diameters, but the bigger one is much more common.

Flowrox feed hose sizes

Flowrox hoses are fit for any tower press filter duty – slurry feed, filtrate, pressing water and air. In their essence, filter hoses are similar and mostly differ in length.

Hose length

The hose length depends on its use, filter type and on which filter plate within the pack it is installed to. Various lengths of Flowrox feed hoses are available to most optimally fit each filter plate. Contact Flowrox filter service specialists to advise you on optimal feed hose types and sizes for your specific application.

Hose diameter

Hoses come in two different standard sizes. Smaller size is only used for 1.6 m2 filter plates for diaphragm pressing. The hoses with bigger diameter are much more common, because they are used in all other cases and filter plate sizes.


Made to withstand toughest conditions

Like all other Flowrox filter service spares, the hoses for tower press filters are designed based on best practice and long experience of Flowrox filtration and elastomer professionals. All hoses are reinforced to resist vacuum and are chemical- and thermal-resistant to perform best in the toughest conditions.

Feed hoses are still a spare part for tower press filters, which means it eventually needs to be replaced. The frequency of changing the hoses completely depends on chemicals, temperatures, abrasion and pressure in each specific filtration process. But a typical feed hose lifetime is several years.

Chemical and thermal-resistant feed hose rubber

All hoses are made of rubber. The usual rubber compound is EPDM because it is very resistant against many chemicals. Some extremely aggressive slurry may require other material than EPDM and that is checked case by case by Flowrox professionals. Another rubber compound option of Flowrox hoses is NR (natural rubber).

Besides chemical resistance, Flowrox hoses are also thermal-resistant. Slurry temperature is typically ambient but in some cases, it goes up to +80 °C or even higher.  In such filter applications, EPDM feed hoses are completely capable to withstand demanding conditions. After the slurry feed, hoses are filled with water for diaphragm pressing and are emptied before air drying. Therefore, the feed hoses can be subject to temperature extreme only in the slurry feed phase.

Hose fittings: corrosion-resistant and acid-proof

The hose fittings or hose connectors are mounted on both ends of a feed hose. The fittings connect the feed hose to the filter plate on one end and to the distribution pipe on the other end. To extend the hose lifetime, the Flowrox hose fittings are made of corrosion-resistant acid-proof steel.


All Flowrox feed hoses are chemical and thermal-resistant, made to withstand the toughest filter applications.

Benefits & features

Chemical and thermal resistant hose material

Reinforced and vacuum resistant

Corrosion-resistant and acid-proof metal fittings

Optimal length for each filter plate

High availability

NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles