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Filter Plates and Filter Frames

The heart of every tower press filter are its plates and frames. Because these filter spare parts are crucial for tower press filter’s output, special attention was given to their design. Based on best practice and years of experience of Flowrox filtration specialists, Flowrox filter plates and filter plate frames have been redesigned to deliver best possible performance. The newest Flowrox design improved overall functionality, ensuring filtration to run smoothly and lowering operational costs.

Tower press filter plates and frames: sizes and models

Flowrox filter plates and frames are available in two different sizes: 1,6 m² and 6 m². The 1,6 m² size is available for either hydraulic or mechanical tower press filter and can be either cupped of flat. The 6 m² size is available in flat version. Contact Flowrox filtration specialists for more information about materials and other technical specifications we can offer.

Do you need assistance with filter maintenance and other issues?

Flowrox experienced filtration professionals can serve all customer needs regarding filter service and filtration. With Flowrox’s new process analysis tool, Smart Filtration Digital Service, we can further optimize any filtration process. It enables remote, real-time insight into the filtration process and helps to troubleshoot and significantly optimize production. Smart Filtration utilizes existing control system and sensors and connects any filters to the Flowrox Malibu™ online portal. It detects process abnormalities and automatically sends alarms to your email, assisting to prevent failures before they even occur.

Benefits & Features

Newest design based on best practice

Lower operational costs

Best filtration performance