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Flowrox filter grids for tower press filters have a longer lifetime because they are made from polypropylene with higher, up to 30 % glass fibre content. This reinforces the grid wear resistance and makes it possible to use them in high-temperature applications. Individual Flowrox grid elements are bigger than usual as they extend over the full width of the filter plate. This means there are fewer grid components that are easier to install. Available sizes are for 1.6 m², 2.5 m² and 6 m² filter plates. Flowrox filter grids for tower press filters are durable and reliable which results in savings and extended service intervals.

Sealed filter grid corners

All cut corners of the Flowrox filter grids are sealed. The sealing extends not only grid, but also filter cloth lifetime – there are no sharp edges that can otherwise harm the cloth. Upon request, it is possible to deliver them uncut and without sealing. Different tower press filter types also require different plate corners.

Grids offered by Flowrox come in the following corner types:

  • Straight
  • Corner 80 x 80
  • Rounded corner R220
  • Corner 210 x 210
  • Corner 173 x 173

The latter three corner cuts are applicable to 6 m² filter plate size.

Various grid sizes, openings and corner types

Flowrox filter grids come in different sizes for tower press filter plates measuring 1.6 m², 2.5 m² and 6 m².  The grid components are bigger than usual which significantly eases the installation. Fewer grid elements to install means less work, shorter installation time and reduces the possible risk of improper fitting.

The number of Flowrox grid elements per filter plate size: 

  • Filter plate size 1.6 m² fits 5 elements
  • Filter plate size 2.5 m² fits 7 elements
  • Filter plate size 6 m² fits only 12 elements

Besides traditional diagonal openings, Flowrox filter grids are also available with square openings. The latter options allows a better flow of filtrate and air. A larger open area through square openings has less filtration resistance. For more details, see the technical datasheet or consult Flowrox filter service experts.

All cut corners of the grids are sealed, which also extends filter cloth lifetime.

Grids - FlowroxSquare openings on Flowrox filter grids provide a larger open area which improves flow of filtrate and air and reduces filtration resistance. 

Conventional diagonal grids

  • Less open area & less filtration area → less capacity
  • Small openings → higher probability of blinding
  • Lots of supporting legs → rambling route for filtrate/air
  • Thin supporting legs & wearing → collapsing
  • Original yellow element just polypropylene → low mechanical properties
  • Small element size → complicated assembly

Flowrox grids

  • Square openings: lots of open area  less filtration resistance
  • Bigger openings → less blinding problems
  • Big element size → easy to install
  • Rigid thick supporting legs & less legs needed → easy flow of filtrate/air
  • Thick legs → wear resistance
  • Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene → good mechanical properties

Benefits and features

Easy to install

Less blinding problems

Good mechanical properties

Less filtration resistance

Easy flow of filtrate/air

NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles