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Spare Parts for Pumps

Flowrox has a wide selection of spare parts for peristaltic pumps (hoses, tubes, etc). We deliver also spares for other brands of PC (progressive cavity) pumps. Besides high-quality spares, analyzing, consultation services and technical support are always available.

Spare parts for hose pumps

We manufacture and deliver spares for Flowrox pumps:

  • Fast delivery and availability 24/7 for contract customers
  • Various material choices according to end-use applications
  • High quality
  • Service and spare part stocking agreements
  • Training
  • Analyzing and consultation services & technical support
  • Along with spare hoses we provide you also hose change kits, main bearings kits and rotor bearing kits.

Hoses for transfer and dosing pumps

  • Extremely abrasive mediums:  NR (Natural Rubber) -10°C – +95°C
  • Oils and fats:  NBR (Nitrile Rubber) -10°C – +95°C
  • Chemicals:  EPDM (Ethylene Propylene) -10°C – +95°C
  • Fatty foodstuffs: NBRF (Nitrile Rubber – fulfils FDA Food and Drug Administration requirements) -10°C – +95°C

Hoses for metering pumps

  • Foodstuff:  Norprene®
  • Fuel, lubricants, abrasive mediums: Tygothane®

Flowrox hose change maintenance videos

Spare parts for progressive cavity pumps

Available replacement parts:

  • Stators
  • Rotors
  • Articulated shaft
  • Drive shaft
  • Articulated shaft kit
  • Bearing kit

Flowrox also supplies spares for most commonly known pc-pumps. We offer stators, rotors, drive shafts, coupling rods, joint assemblies, bearings sets and sealings for Allweiler, Seepex, Netzsch, Mono, PCM, Bornemann pc-pumps. Spare parts are manufactured according to highest quality and environment standards (ISO9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015).


Benefits and features

Cost savings

Through on-time delivery of spares and services

One stop shop for pump spare parts

Spares available for Flowrox products and compatible products

Longer life cycle of pumps

Maintenance and retrofit service