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Filter Service Solutions

Flowrox, formerly known as Larox Flowsys, has more than 40 years of experience in solid/liquid separation. Team of highly experienced Flowrox filtration professionals can serve all needs regarding filtration and filter service. We can help tower press filter users achieve more reliable operations with lower costs, offer modernizations, refurbishments, spare parts and maintenance support. With Flowrox’s new process analysis tool, Smart Filtration Digital Service, we can easily optimize any filtration process.

Flowrox Professionals Make Your Life Easier

Team of experienced Flowrox professionals provides you with the whole package of filtration services starting with a detailed analysis of the process, filtration testing, equipment selection and sizing according to the test results and practical experience. The aim is to optimize filtration performance and deliver best possible solution. Flowrox offers complete service through the entire filter life cycle, modernizations, refurbishments, spare parts and maintenance support.

Filter service - Flowrox