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First-Hand Experience With Flowrox

Would you like to find out how Flowrox products and solutions help improve performance from real cases? Collected success stories from various industries present first-hand experiences from the field. Read about the challenges Flowrox customers used to deal with before choosing Flowrox solutions and how have their processes improved afterwards.

Flowrox helps to discover most efficient technologies and offer long-term solutions too all its customers. That is why Flowrox’s aim is to offer the whole package from finding causes of issues to a complete support through entire product’s lifecycle. Browse through success stories and learn how companies around the globe use Flowrox products to optimize processes, lower costs and enjoy the support of Flowrox experts.

Flowrox Pinch Valve in Pneumatic Conveying of Fly Ash

A German fiber cement manufacturer in China was first using a...

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Flowrox Pinch Valves Improve Cement Transfer Reliability

Cement is typically very abrasive and difficult to handle even at...

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Flowrox Smart Filtration at Terrafame

Like many other filtration plants, Terrafame’s filter operators faced a common...

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LPP-T Peristaltic Pumps Feed Filter Presses in Chemical Plant

Flowrox LPP-T peristaltic pump feed fully automatic filter presses for flue-gas...

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Pinch Valves in Power Generation Plant

Flowrox high performance PVE pinch valves proved to be a perfect...

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Real-Time Pump Operation is Only One Click Away

Monitoring and automation system Flowrox Malibu™ collects and analyses data from...

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Packaged Pumping Systems in Wastewater Industries

Industry challenge: reliable dosing and minimum space requirements Camden Waste Water...

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PC Pump, EL-Series in Wastewater Process

Deer Island found with competitor’s pumps that every time they needed...

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Metering and Dosing Pumps in Wastewater Treatment

Flowrox metering and dosing pumps perform well in wastewater treatment facility....

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LPP-D Peristaltic Hose Pumps in Chemical Dosing Application

Industry challenge: Consistent quality Especially in chemical applications it is necessary...

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LPP-T65 Pumps in Operation at Terrafame

Eight Flowrox LPP-T peristaltic pumps excel in filter feed process of...

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Flowrox Pinch Valves in FGD Process

Vattenfall Energy decided to use Flowrox pinch valve which improves lime...

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Pinch Valves in Tailings Transfer

Boliden Kylylahti had already several years of good experience of Flowrox’s...

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Husab trusts Flowrox pinch valves

Flowrox supplied 83 hydraulically actuated pinch valves for tailings transfer of...

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Metering Pumps Control Grinding Aid In Cement Industry

A major cement producer has chosen Flowrox metering pumps to control...

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