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Dosing Pump for Grinding Aid Control

A cement manufacturer was looking for a reliable pump to control dosing in the grinding aid control process. The existing solution did not offer proper control over the dosing of the poly glycol and they were looking for a system upgrade.

Application: Cement manufacturing, grinding aid control

Challenge: Difficult to properly control the dosing of poly glycol

Solution: 1 Flowrox LPP-D15 pump

Results: Accurate dosing of high viscous poly glycol

Dosing Pump LPP-D Pumps in Grinding Aid Duty

Grinding aids such as glycol, amines, and acetic acid help cement particles to flow efficiently which reduces grinding energy and results in increasing product throughput. In the USA, a peristaltic hose pump LPP-D15 was chosen to pump poly glycol because of its reliable and accurate dosing abilities.

dosing-pump-Construction-Grinding-Aid-process-FlowroxHigh viscous poly glycol added to the cement prior to the final grinding circuit was causing difficulties to the customer. They were gravity feeding the grinding aid additive and using a manual valve for the control duty to the circuit. The customer was not satisfied as they could not properly control the dosage of the poly glycol and the system needed an upgrade. Already being familiar with Flowrox, the customer felt confident to choose a Flowrox LPP-D15 dosing pump for this application where reliability and consistent dosing performance are essential.

The LPP-D pump has a high turndown ratio making it ideal for finite control and proper dosing, especially in demanding process conditions. The Flowrox pump was delivered with a VFD to control the pump flow to adjust the exact grinding aid dosage to the circuit. After the installation, the pump has been operating without problems with the high viscous poly glycol and the coal to have accurate and reliable dosing was reached.

Process conditions:

  • Flow rate: 30 – 60 l/h
  • Pressure: 3 bar
  • Medium: Poly Glycol, High Viscous

Key benefits

Increased flow accuracy

Continuous operation

Minimal space part costs

Reliable flow with minimised friction

Low operating costs

NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles