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Dosing Pump for Sulphur

Feeding sulphur is a demanding process and a power plant in the US had problems with the existing peristaltic pump. The pump needed to be rebuilt every 3 months (bearings, gear box, motor) which resulted in high maintenance and spare part costs. As a better alternative, they ended up choosing Flowrox peristaltic dosing pump for sulphur, model LPP-D25.

Application: Energy industry, Sulphur feed to the lime slurry tank

Challenge: Need for a more reliable pump with lower maintenance costs

Solution: 1 Flowrox LPP-D25 pump

Results: Reduced maintenance costs and extended service intervals

Maintenance Costs Reduced for More Than 10-Times!

In 2006, a 2200 MW four-unit power facility was having problems with the reliability of a peristaltic hose pump on a sulphur application. The pump was used to feed sulphur to the lime slurry tank to increase the sulphides prior to the scrubber. The pump needed to be rebuilt every 3 months (bearings, gearbox, motor). The hose change interval was short which also means higher glycerine consumption. Even the pump casing was changed every year. On top of that, the customer complained that the spare parts for this pump type are becoming limited meaning a change was inevitable. The total cost of repairs for any one year ranged from 4,000 € to 6,000 €.


The previous pump needed to be rebuilt every 3 months (bearings, gearbox, motor), causing high costs of 4000-6000 € / year.

In the last quarter of 2006, Flowrox delivered a LPP-D25 hose pump. Flowrox LPP-D25 proved itself as the dosing pump for sulphur feed. In one year of operation time, the only necessary maintenance was two hose changes. The total cost of 1-year maintenance was around 350 € including the hose change time which takes around 15 minutes. Flowrox pump cut the maintenance costs down by more than 10 times! With this change, the customer has increased availability and substantially decreased operational costs.

Process conditions:

  • Flow rate: 1,1 – 1,8 m³/h
  • Medium: Sulphur

Reliability at Power Plants Is a Necessity

For years, coal-fired power plants have been under strict demand to meet regulatory rules to reduce the SO2 emissions these plants have been producing. To comply, these facilities have either upgraded or added scrubber systems to reduce emissions. However, the capital expenditure has impacted many of the facilities and now they are demanding products that are more reliable and reduce maintenance costs. This is how Flowrox has gained its reputation as the front runner in the power industry as the valve and pump of choice.

Key benefits

Hose is the only spare part in contact with the medium

Only spare part that needs to be changed means lower spare costs

Increased availability

Less spare parts, less maintenance breaks, higher availability
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles