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Flowrox Packaged Pumping Systems Eliminate Chemical Spills

Industry challenge: reliable dosing and minimum space requirements

Camden Waste Water Treatment Plant chose Flowrox Packaged Pumping Systems to eliminate chemical spills. The need derived from a decision to wastewater plant’s operations by replacing gas chlorine with liquid sodium hypochlorite as the disinfection and capton as the de-chlorination method. The change included construction of a new building that included new tanks and chemical feed equipment. New installation meant space savings was a requirement to fit all the equipment into one building.

Close cooperation for best solutions

Neles aims to meet every customer’s needs and offer expert advice every step of the way. Already in the design stages, the consulting engineer worked alongside the local representative to ensure selection of the most advantageous Flowrox metering pumps. Considering all customer’s requirements, the local representative recommended two Flowrox Duplex 36” Wall Mount Packaged Pumping Systems to eliminate chemical spills.

Minimal space requirements, maximum safety and reliability

Flowrox Packaged Pumping Systems proved to be the best choice. Wall mount packaged systems kept the space requirements minimal while providing optimal pipeline alignment. Regardless of compact design, it ensures improved safety with integrated spill containment basin built into the packaged system. Furthermore, the Duplex 36” Wall Mount Packaged Pumping Systems proved to execute more reliable dosing operation than the previous selected solutions. Peristaltic pumps also offer the customer more availability than diaphragm pumps due to the ability to pump through air or off-gassing as well as scaling that is present in sodium hypochlorite pumping.

After successfully delivering and installing the pumping systems, the customer recommended that the engineer specify the Flowrox Packaged Pumping Systems for the second site that has been delivered and commissioned.

Expert knowledge paired with decades of experience

Neles has over 40 years of experience in heavy duty valves, pumps and systems. In wastewater industry there are over 18 000 Flowrox valves and pumps installed in hundreds of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants across the globe. Metering pump solutions in waste water process applications can be also found in various chemical dosing systems like metallic salts, sodium hypochlorite, its derivates and many more.



The text has been updated in November 2021, due to the company name change to Neles.

Key benefits

Compact and flexible mounted modular design

Simple installation

Prepared to execute demanding tasks

Accurate and repeatable flow

Operational environment safety

Easy customization

Camden story, Wastewater - Flowrox

Flowrox Duplex 36” Wall Mount Packaged Pumping SystemsTM.

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