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2 Peristaltic Pumps Replace 6 Centrifugal Pumps

One of the leading steel producers in the world was looking to upgrade two of their blast furnace thickener under flow pumping and filtering systems. The goal was to increase availability, filtering efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs. The solution was to replace six centrifugal pumps with two Flowrox LPP-T peristaltic pumps.

Application: Thickener under flow/filter feed pumping

Challenge: Poor filtration efficiency

Solution: Two Flowrox LPP-T65 peristaltic pumps

Results: Increased availability & filtering efficiency, reduced maintenance costs

As part of the upgrade project two Flowrox (LPP-T65) peristaltic pumps were selected as the thickener underflow pumps to feed a plate and frame filter press. Flowrox pump was selected due to its ability to handle abrasive materials with higher solids concentration levels. The thickened mill sludge contained coarse carbon particles which rendered the centrifugal pumps a poor selection due to intense wear and repair costs.

These are lean mean pumping machines.
– The steel mill manager

The LPP-T hose being the single repair item required appealed to the customer’s requirement to increased availability reduce maintenance part count, and costs. In combination with the pumps, an operation station containing an inverter was provided by Flowrox. The use of the LPP-T pump in conjunction with the inverter provides a variable output flow aiding in the balance and stability of the thickening process.


This image shows the process flowsheet.

Process conditions:

  • Specific gravity: 1.7
  • Solids content: 20 – 60 %
  • Temperature: 50°C
  • Medium: Blast furnace sludge

The net result is a consistent and heavier solids concentration increasing the overall efficiency of the plate and frame filter press. Flowrox provided both the pump as well as the complete control box for operating the pump. Due to the success in this application this mill has followed up with another order for four more pumps of the same type.

Key benefits

Increased availability

Better filtering efficiency

Reduced maintenance costs

NOTE: Flowrox sells valve and pump businesses to Neles
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles