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Flowrox Pinch Valve Solution for Sludge Disposal

In Oulu a municipal Wastewater Treatment customer had experienced problems with leaking and jamming of conventional metallic valves. Due these experiences, they searched for a reliable solution for sludge diverting valves to dewatering process.

The customer selected two closed valve body 200 mm valves to divert sludge slurry feeding lines to dewatering station after the Flowrox pinch valve solution in demanding slurry isolation application was presented to them.

After this the customer has seen an excellent performance of Flowrox pinch valves when diverting sludge flow to centrifuges of filter presses. All leaking and jamming problems have been only yesterday’s memory.

NOTE: Flowrox sells valve and pump businesses to Neles
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles