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Flowrox Pinch Valve in Pneumatic Conveying System Lasts Longer

A German fiber cement manufacturer in China was first using a non-actuated pinch valve as a blow pot valve in a pneumatic conveying system of fly ash. Soon after the first start-up of the new manufacturing plant, the customer met operational difficulties with the originally installed valves.

The blow pot valve has a critical role in this process. It is a part of a pneumatic conveying system where it retains and releases pressurized fly ash to be processed further. The problem of the originally installed non-actuated pinch valve was extremely short sleeve lifetime; it lasted only one month. The customer was looking for better alternatives and decided to test the Flowrox PVE125A6 high-performance pinch valve. Reason to start testing Flowrox PVE valve was that those heavy duty pinch valves are made to last. They are ideal where shut-off and control applications involve abrasive or corrosive powders and coarse substances. The rubber sleeve is the only wearing part which significantly reduces maintenance costs and extends service intervals. Advanced flow control solutions paired with superior valve and elastomer technology meet even the most demanding customer specifications.

Flowrox Pinch Valve In Pneumatic Conveying System Lasts 12 Months, Original Valve Only 1 Month

The Flowrox PVE pinch valve was installed next to the original valve. They operated under the same conditions so it is possible to compare life cycles of both valve sleeves. Flowrox high-performance pinch valve proved its excellent performance under heavy duty conditions. It reached 12 months of operation without any disturbances. After comparing one month sleeve lifetime of the non-actuated pinch valve with a much better result of 12 months of the Flowrox valve, the customer’s decision was obvious.

The customer was convinced Flowrox high-performance valve is the best solution in their pneumatic conveying process of fly ash. They started to replace the remaining non-actuated pinch valves into all-Flowrox PVE pinch valves.

NOTE: Flowrox sells valve and pump businesses to Neles
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles