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Flowrox Pinch Valves Improve Cement Transfer Reliability

Cement is typically very abrasive and difficult to handle even at low process pressure. For this reason, the valves in the process must be reliable. After new installation, Flowrox pinch valves improve cement transfer reliability. They guarantee the cement transfer to the silo without any leakages or risk of cross-contamination.

Metallic diverter valves replaced by Flowrox pinch valves

In Spain, a cement plant had isolation and leakage problems with 400 mm metallic diverter valves in the pneumatic conveying of cement into storage silos. The diverter valves were located on top of the cement storage silos. They needed continuous maintenance and the leaking of the valves caused quality problems for the processed cement. These problems were finally solved by installing two Flowrox open body (PV) 400 mm pinch valves in the same place. Replacing metallic diverter valves with Flowrox pinch valves proved to be the right decision as they improved reliability in the cement transfer.

Abrasion-resistant Flowrox valves extend service intervals

Cement is by nature extremely abrasive substance which affects all parts of the manufacturing process. Flowrox abrasive-resistant isolation valves are therefore ideal for cement industry. When the controlled flow is abrasive, it is a big advantage to have only one, wear resistant, valve part in contact with the medium. This means there is only one wearing part, which already reduces need for spare parts and maintenance. Furthermore, the elastomer sleeve is naturally wear resistant and when particles hit the sleeve’s rubber surface, the energy is absorbed and released when the rubber bounces back.

The pinch valves have been in operation for many years without any leakage problems or operational difficulties.

The customer has been satisfied with the improved performance and reliability of the cement transfer. They are continuing  to change existing old metallic diverter valves for Flowrox pinch valves.


Key benefits

Full port structure with smooth inner surface of the valve

Rubber sleeve of the valve is naturally resistant to abrasive powders and slurries

Typical service interval in cement transfer is between 18 months and 5 years

NOTE: Flowrox sells valve and pump businesses to Neles
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles