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Process Analyzer Sample Pumps

A lead-zinc mine in Western U.S. went through a major flotation process upgrade. At the same time also 5SL Courier Analyzer sample pumps were changed to Flowrox LPP-T65 pumps for better reliability and easier maintenance.

Application: Process analyzer sample pumping – lead and zinc flotation

Challenge: Variable sample flow was causing centrifugal pumps to cavitate, samples were diluted by gland water, often there was not enough sample for the analyzer and downtime of the pumps was common.

Selected Sample Pumps: 4 Flowrox LPP-T65 transfer pumps, 2 LPP-D25 dosing pumps

Results: Reliable sample flow to the analyzer, Flowrox peristaltic pumps have continuous operation without overheating and lower energy costs.

Customer was looking for peristaltic pump technology that would provide the longest hose life and will not overheat under continuous duty.

Flowrox Peristaltic hose pumps were selected for their benchmark hose life, thanks to the hose friendly eccentric rolling compression mechanism. The customer bought four (4) VFD controlled Flowrox LPP-T65 transfer pumps for 6-15 m³/h flow rates and two (2) LPP-D25 dosing pumps for maximum flow of 1.8 m³/h.

More reliable sample feed has improved accuracy of the process analyzer, which gives peace of mind in process control. Flowrox peristaltic pumps have proven to be very reliable in this application, any process changes reflect correctly on the daily sampling at the process analyzer and the 5SL Courier Analyzer “no sample” alarms have become a very rare error message.

Process conditions:

  • Slurry SG (specific gravity): 1.4
  • Solids content: 30 %
  • Fixed speed: 1.8 m³/h LPP-D25, and VFD controlled flow 6–15 m³/h LPP-T65 pump
  • Medium: lead and zinc flotation products

The LPP-T65 pumps are run by a VFD system. The flow fluctuates between 1 – 15 m³/h to maintain the cutter systems set level so the LPP-D dosing pumps can monitor the specific plant parameters through the 5SL Analyzers. Another crucial benefit was increased hose life which saves the maintenance costs and also process downtime to the customer.

This customer has also purchased Flowrox PVE pinch valves for flotation column level control in the scavenger circuit. The valves control the level of the columns to retain a high recovery yield of the product.

Key benefits

Continuous operation without overheating

Increased hose life

Low glycerin needs

Lower energy costs

Decreased maintenance costs

NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles