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Progressive Cavity Pump for Graphite Slurry

An aluminium plant in Bahrain was looking to replace a conventional  progressive cavity pump in the graphite slurry handling line.

Application: Mining industry, Graphite slurry

Challenge: Replace old PCM progressive cavity pump

Solution: 1 Flowrox Progressive cavity pump, series C, CS 35/10

Results: Cost savings, Flowrox PC pump is not noisy during operation  unlike conventional pumps

Flowrox PC Pump Chosen Over Competition

We were competing against conventional progressive cavity pump companies which had local sales and service centres in the country. Flowrox progressive cavity (PC) pump was chosen because it had better sealing and saved pumping cost with a featuring stator.


The pump was delivered with a thermosyphon for sealing water circulation without a fixed water line. Graphite slurry is pumped to the electroplating process. Graphite coats anodes to ensure smooth loss of aluminium from anode plate after the process.

After the installation, the customer was glad to find out the progressive cavity pump was not noisy at all. Unlike the conventional pumps which often generate lots of noise during operation.

Key benefits

Cost savings

Minimized wear

Long service intervals

NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles