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Peristaltic Pumps Control Thickener Underflow

The customer was looking for a better alternative over their current centrifugal pump for a thickener underflow duty in metal recycling. One of the deciding factors was the Flowrox’s transfer pump’s reverse flow capability. Whenever the customer faces blockage, they simply run the pump in reverse. The blockage is cleared  and the injection of water to the bottom of the thickener reduces mole holing.

Application: Metal Recycling, Thickener Underflow

Challenge: Fluctuating solids content even up to 85 % after a shutdown

Solution: Flowrox Peristaltic Pump for transfer (LPP-T65)

Results: Faster blockage handling and ability to handle fluctuations in solids contents

Flowrox LPP-T65 peristaltic pump was installed to control a thickener underflow. This pump runs at a variable speed to control solids content and feeds the non-ferrous metallic fines to a centrifuge for classification and separation. At the same time, the pumps is capable of handling fluctuating flow rate and solids content alike.

Controlled by a VFD, the flow rates fluctuates between 9 to 20 m³/h to maintain the solids contents from 50 to 60% to a centrifuge. The peristaltic pump can also handle solids contents up to 85% after shut down periods. The use of the LPP pump has increased the overall efficiency of the  centrifuge process to increase solids content.

Process conditions:

  • Specific gravity: 2.6 to 8.9
  • Solids content: 50 – 60 %
  • Flow rate: 10 –20 m³/h
  • Medium: Non-Ferrous Metallic Fines


Key benefits

Steady volumetric pumping

Ability to handle fluctuations in solids contents

Reverse flow capabilities

High reliability

Ease of maintenance

NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles