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Transfer Pumps Handle Abrasive Silver Slurry

A leading silver producer in Mexico built a new mill with two 400 tpd circuits and was looking for pumps that are able to handle abrasive slurries with high solids content. The thickened tailing has a paste-like consistence and contains coarse particles. The customer was looking for an alternative over centrifugal, lobe, and progressive cavity pump because of their intense wear and repair costs. Flowrox offered three reliable transfer pumps (LPP-T65) that were selected due to their ability to handle abrasive materials with higher solids concentration levels.

Application: Silver slurry, paste thickener

Challenge: Pump must be able to handle abrasive slurry with high solids content

Solution: 3 Flowrox peristaltic pumps LPP-T65

Results: Stable thickening process, lower maintenance costs

We are looking at two 400 tpd circuits; one handles the oxide ore and the other handles the sulphide ore. Three peristaltic pumps (model LPP-T65) were installed to a new mill as the underflow pump for a rakeless paste thickener.

Wear-resistant rubber hose is LPP-T transfer pump’s single repair item because it is the only part in contact with the abrasive medium. This immediately increases availability and reduces maintenance part count and costs – not to mention the saved time. In combination with the pumps, Flowrox also provided an operation station containing an inverter. The use of the LPP-T pump in conjunction with the inverter provides a variable output flow aiding in the balance and stability of the thickening process. The net result is a consistent 75 % solids concentration exceeding the original design expectation of 55 to 65 %. All three pumps have been performing well and showcased that peristaltic pumps with single rolling design fit well the paste thickening duty.




This image shows the process flowsheet.

Process conditions:

  • Specific gravity: 1.6
  • Solids content: 75 %
  • Temperature: 35°C
  • Medium: Silver slurry


Key benefits

Lower maintenance costs

Optimized for heavy duties and difficult slurries

Long service intervals

NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles
NOTE: Flowrox pump and valve businesses sold to Neles