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Process Industry Webinars

Flowrox webinars revolve around flow control, filtration, environmental technologies and industrial automation solutions. Our goal is to help you discover most efficient technologies and offer long-term solutions. If possible, products and solutions discussed in webinars are connected to real customer case examples. All Flowrox webinars are free and last for ~60 minutes including Q & A. 


Pump Analyzing Tools (60 min)

First, we will talk about the latest innovations in pump condition and performance monitoring. After introducing basic vibration-based tools for monitoring, we will continue with explaining the advantages of  Flowrox’s system. The system is upgraded with an online pump performance and pump curve analyzing system. If you want to optimize your pump’s performance, plan maintenance schedules and avoid problems (eg. cavitation), this webinar is an excellent choice.  

This webinar was already held. If you would like to get more information contact us.


Smart Filtration (60 min)

Solid-liquid separation processes have been used for decades in different industries, but now it is time to start using Your system in the most efficient way. We will look into how to upgrade production whilst minimizing unnecessary downtime. With modern data-analyzing tools found in the Flowrox Malibu system, it is easy to identify bottlenecks, find root causes for downtime and tune-up the filtration process. Most likely you already have the necessary data, and it’s time to utilize it. The system can be used with all major filtration technologies, such as pressure or vacuum-based filtration equipment.  

This webinar was already held. If you would like to get more information contact us.

Simo Rounela, Webinar Presenter (Pump Analyzing Tools & Smart Filtration)

Simo is Application Manager, Digital Services working at the Flowrox office in Finland. He has been with Flowrox for three years and prior to that worked as CEO in a smaller automation company. Simo is currently focusing on helping Flowrox’s world wide sales network with Digital Services and designing the best solutions for clients.


About us

Flowrox is Finland based global supplier of flow control, pumping, filtration and environmental engineering solutions, as well as intelligent applications and automation systems. Flowrox focuses on solving problems related to the shut-off, control, pumping and separation of abrasive, corrosive, and other demanding media, and also provides IIoT solutions for various process industry applications, in particular in the mining and mineral sector and energy and environmental sector.

Flowrox has subsidiaries in Australia, Chile, China, Finland, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Sweden and the United States, as well as a total of over 230 sales representatives in 81 countries. Click here to see more.

Simo Rounela, Applications Manager, Digital Services, Flowrox


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